Best Jeep Wrangler Headlights Options

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If you do not like your Jeep Wrangler headlights – there are many other models with much more attractive features.

In recent years, Jeeps like Wranglers have gained popularity. Some of the users, who are fans of extreme adventures, say that the equipment of the car is good, except for the headlights – the light is not as bright as it should be. If you like to go off-road, you may want to consider other Jeep Wrangler headlights, which have a much brighter light.

Things to think about before buying jeep Wrangler headlights:

  • The material. It has an obvious impact on the longevity and impact resistance of the headlights. Lights for cars are made of different materials. Glass lenses are very valuable. Polycarbonate, for example, is considered the most shatterproof material. Headlights made of polycarbonate are less likely to break or be scratched. Some companies use aluminum to make headlights because aluminum does not rust and is known for its durability.
  • How to install. With modern technologies the installation process hardly takes more than 30 minutes. With plug and play connectors lights are easy to install. You only need to attach the headlights and the adapter.
  • Size and shape of the headlights.  Before you buy a new pair of headlights, make sure they fit properly. Be sure to check the size specifications before you buy.

Here you can find an overview of the best lights on the market. There are several factors that influence the choice of the best model: the brightness of the light beam, the price, the housing material and additional features. Pay attention to all these details to make the best choice.

1. MOPAR 68366024AA

These headlights are super bright. The powerful LED headlights cast a sharp beam of light while using 67% less power than halogen headlights. The wide beam provides crystal clear visibility at night and even in bad weather.

Thanks to their stylish design, these LED headlights make your Jeep look great. The housing of the headlights is in the classic colors of silver and black.

The reliability of the LED headlights ensures long headlight life, so you do not have to worry about the Mopar headlights fading or burning out in a short period of time. The life of the lights is almost unlimited.

Installation is intuitively simple. Remove the original headlight well before installation. Then simply connect the headlights to the existing wiring.


If you are looking for high-quality headlights, this model will be at the top. The extra bright beam ensures safe driving at night. In addition to the bright light, these models work well with both high beam (4800 LM) and low beam (3600 LM).

This Oracle model is constructed of a die-cast, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing. The lenses are made of virtually bulletproof, hard-coated polycarbonate.

Installation does not require much effort: the included “plug and play” connectors allow for easy installation. The model has its own wifi signal and can be connected to the smartphone application.

3. HELLA VISION 002395301

The light pattern is wide enough to provide good visibility on the roads and allow safe driving.

These headlights are known for their good value for money. If you like lights with good features, without a plethora of additional features like signal detectors or a halo ring, then this model is designed for you.

This model provides the strongest beam at the legal limit without increased glare. The Hella 7 HB2 Round Conversion headlight produces a 50% brighter beam on low beam and 25% brighter beam on high beam than conventional halogen headlights.

These headlights are DOT SAE approved, which means you can use the ID search at NHTSA. The DOT SAE approval says something about the credibility of the brand. Some companies put headlights on the market that do not have DOT certification or give fake certificates for the headlights.


If you are looking for an option with good features at a reasonable price, you should pay attention to this model. Combined with the aluminum waterproof case and polycarbonate lenses, these headlights are among the best choices on the market.

The Quake LED headlights provide you with excellent visibility and good night vision.

The headlights are perfectly protected against impacts from branches on the way. The inside of the headlight is sealed with reinforced epoxy to ensure protection against moisture and corrosion.

This premium-class model is equipped with a halo ring that would ensure bright white (as in daytime) running light. The halo ring provides additional safety and ensures unique styling.

Quake offers a quality that is built to last – the lifespan of the headlights is expected above fifty thousand hours.

Buyer’s guide. All you need to now to buy good headlights

Jeeps are a good choice for driving off-road, in the fields through the bumps or other types of extreme roads. However, due to their large sizes, jeeps are dangerous for driving at night. Drivers that travel on jeeps on far distances, especially at nighttime, would need plenty of lightning. Users of Wrangler Jeep say the built-in lights are not bright enough for driving. 


Probably, the price is one of the key factors influencing the purchase of lights. Premium class models offer a particularly bright beam of light and are equipped with various additional features such as wifi signal or halo light. Some of the expensive models are really good, but there are also many models on the market that are not worth their price. Before you make a final decision, take a close look at all the features of the model. Maybe there are better options with better features and at a cheaper price.

If you choose a model in the lower price segment, pay attention to all the additional features the model comes with: most likely, you will not need most of them. However, do not buy cheap models with dim light – because only a bright light will ensure good visibility at night and safe driving.

Brightness of the light

This factor influences the safety of driving significantly. Headlights with bright beams and pure white light would ensure good visibility on the roads at nighttime.

The lifespan of the lights

Usually, the lifespan of high-quality lights exceeds 50000 hours. An ordinary bulb would serve approximately 20000 hours.

LED Headlights are becoming more and more popular in recent days because of their features. Some say that in time they will completely replace conventional headlights. LED Headlights are especially popular in the automotive industry because they are competitive with other types of bulbs. LED Headlights are stronger than halogen headlights and do not depend on weak filaments like conventional headlights.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about buying an LED headlight for your Jeep. You should be aware of all the factors that affect the choice of headlights.

What is the service life of LED lights?

Light-emitting diode headlights last longer than other types of headlights because they generate less heat than traditional headlights. In general, the life of Light-emitting diode headlights can range from 3 to 5 years. However, the life of the bulbs mostly depends on the quality and the manufacturer.

Can I adjust the Jeep Wrangler headlights myself?

Yes, you can. If you do not want to spend money on the service, you can do it yourself. Adjusting the headlights is not difficult, but it does require some driver knowledge and the use of the correct headlight adjustment pad. Self-adjustment of headlights is done in several steps.

Start by purchasing the masking tape and headlight adjusters you need both vertically and horizontally. Drive your car to a spot where you can aim your headlights at the wall. Stop the car thirty feet from the wall.

Then apply a piece of masking tape horizontally to the area of the lower headlights. Put another piece of tapes vertically pointing in the middle of each of the beams. You can also apply another piece of tape to the wall or front of your Jeep – this will make it easier to check the horizontal alignment.

Ideally, the edge of the brightest part of your headlights should be in the center of the attached mark on the wall. Once the light is fixed, take the bolt driver and adjust the first beam: turn the adjustment screw clockwise or in the opposite direction until you reach the desired setting. Perform the same procedure with the second beam.

What to do when LED lights start flickering?

If the headlights of your Jeep Wrangler start to flicker, it does not mean that they are damaged. The flickering indicates that you have problems with a CANBus. If your headlights do not support CANBus, you will need to connect a decoder. The flickering will then stop.

Can I install the headlights myself?

Yes, you can. The process is not difficult; many headlights are very easy to install. We advise you to read the guide carefully before you start the installation to reduce the possibility of making a mistake.

Do the lights from LEDs consume a lot of energy?

On the contrary, the lights from LEDs consume less energy than the conventional headlights.

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