A Guide On How To Remove A Jeep Roof On Your Own

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Many like to take the roof off of their Jeep Wrangler when summer rolls around. The Jeep Wrangler roof isn’t too difficult to take off, but it helps to follow a guide that will go through the steps entailed in doing so. Learning how to remove a Jeep roof on your own doesn’t require any fancy or unique tools to get the job done, and Jeep will include everything that’s required along with the vehicle.

Jeep Roof Removal Guide

You’ll typically get a pouch included with your vehicle that has all of the tools you’ll need to remove your roof. There will also be a place where you can put all the bolts after you’ve taken them off.

Front Panels

You’ll want to always start at the front two panels that are located above the two front seats. This initial step will work for all of the models, whether it be two doors or four doors. The main difference you’ll notice is that the roof of the four-door models is larger in size. Start by locating the four rotary latches that are secured on each of the panels. Once you’ve located them, start turning the latches on the panels until the panels don’t overlap with the mountain plates on the roll bar anymore.

To fully detach the panels, give a pull on the safety latch until the latches are in the open position. Apply a little pressure on the panels from the interior of the Jeep to take them off. It helps to have a second person outside of the Jeep helping you out with the whole process, but after you get the hang of it, you should be able to do it on your own. The panels can then be put into the case that Jeep provides with the vehicle, then they can be stored in the trunk.

Rear Panels

After you’ve removed the front panels from the Jeep, you’ll have to open the doors. In order to take off the remainder of the Jeep roof, you’ll have to disconnect the electrical connector that is used to keep the rear defroster and wiper powered. You’ll find that the connector is located on the left area of the cargo part, right in the opening of the tailgate.

After that’s done, you’ll only have to take off six bolts. Three of the bolts are secure on either side of the hardtop. Use the tools that Jeep has provided you to take off the bolts.

Once you’re finished removing the bolts, you can take the panels off. The front portion of the hardtop is secured onto the roll bar using two bolts that are located on either side. Each bolt will only become visible once both of the hardtop panels have been taken off. It’s easier to begin from the front end of the vehicle. After you’ve taken the bolts off, you’ll proceed to the rear portion.

You’ll want to exercise some caution during this part of the procedure because the roof weighs a lot more than the panels and it’s best to have someone help you with it. Handle the roof as carefully as you can to reduce the chances of damage occurring to it.

Many people purchase a Jeep Wrangler to drive it without the roof, and it’s an enjoyable experience that makes off-roading and general driving much more interesting.

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