10 Tips for Hiking with Your Dog in Winter — CleverHiker

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TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE – Factors like breed, size, age, fur type, activity level, and metabolism determine how well your dog will fare in low temperatures. Monitor your dog in the cold close to home before taking them on any major winter trips. Watch for signs of discomfort like shivering, curling up, refusing to walk, or picking up/licking their paws. You know your dog best, so use your best judgment to decide when it’s appropriate to take them on a trip and when it’s best to leave them at home. Most healthy, active dogs can tolerate temperatures down to freezing, but some might benefit from a jacket – particularly young or old dogs or those with short coats. Very active or well-insulated dogs are able to recreate in temperatures down into the twenties, just make sure to keep your trip short since long breaks will be uncomfortable for you both.

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